The International Institute of Welding (IIW) – The International body comprised of representatives of its Member Countries – along with the European Welding Federation (EWF) have jointly authorised the International Authorisation Board (IAB) to evaluate the ability of national scientific associations and institutes to run training courses in the field of welding, which give their participants the opportunity to obtain diplomas recognized by the above international organizations.

The Welding Greek Institute (WGI), member of IIW and EWF since 2007, is a scientific body organized as a Non-Profit civil-law partnership according to the guidelines of the ΙΑΒ; meeting all standards set by the IAB, it has been recognized as an Authorised National Body (ANB), since 2013.

The training courses are organised in each member country of the International Bodies by the Authorised Training Bodies (ATB)In order to provide training courses in a member country, ΑΤΒ’s must be organised according to certain standards, have experienced teaching staff and comply with all terms and conditions set by the ΙΑΒ through the National Bodies.

Authorised Training Bodies are evaluated and authorised by the competent ΑΝΒ following an audit and following a decision of the 7-member Governing Board.

For Greece, we have already perform the evaluation procedure of the Greek ATB's, as following:

1. I. Kordatos & SIA OE, for the implementation of Training courses for the International Welding Engineer and Technologist.

2. Training Excellence Center [TEC], independent NON PROFIT structure of the Welding Greek Institute, for the implementation of training courses for International Welding Engineer and Technologist.

Additionally, the International Welders training programs [for 92 different welders specialities], PLUS Inspection Related Personnel training, as well as short term courses for International Welders specific specialisations.


All training courses are provided by the above mentioned Authorised [by the Welding Greek Institute] Training Bodies [ATB's].


At the end of each course, participants who wish to receive a recognised Diploma from the International Institute of Welding will have to successfully sit the examinations in order to be awarded such Diploma, which will attest their competence in the field in which they were trained.


Upon completion of the courses, participants have to sit Examinations organised and executed by the Welding Greek Institute independent structure.

Examinations are conducted by a board of approved examiners, who have long experience in the topics covered throughout the course as well as excellent theoretical training.

Examiners are appointed by the Governing Board of the Welding Greek Institute and fulfill all necessary criteria in terms of impartiality and objective judgement. After the evaluation of the participants’ performance by the examiners, the results are approved by the Governing Board of the Institute and the diploma for the respective training course is issued.
The related diploma's are recognised by the IIW and the EWF and can be used in the European and the International labor market as well.


In order to participate to the Qualification Process, each Candidate has to fulfil the so called ACCESS CONDITIONS.

As an attachment, we mentioned here the Access Conditions for the International Welding Engineer and Technologist Programs, approved by IAB since July 2010 for Greek citizens.

pdf button Access Conditions


  1. International Welding Engineer (IWE), former document IAB- 002 – 2000/EWF – 409 Rev.2pdf button
  2. International Welding Technologist (IWT), former document IAB- 003 – 2000/EWF – 410 Rev.2pdf button
  3. International Welding Specialist (IWS), former document IAB- 004 – 2000/EWF – 411 Rev.1pdf button
  4. International Welding Practitioner (IWP), former document IAB - 005 – 2002/EWF – 451 Rev.1pdf button