Conditions for participations in Exams

People interested to obtain IWE or IWT diplomas must meet specific conditions approved by European Welding Federation (EWF) and International Institute of Welding (IIW).

Additionaly, in order to obtain Welding Specialist or Practitioner or International Welders diplomas, must meet specific criteria, approved by the Welding Greek Institute (WGI).

The ACCESS CONDITIONS for all the IIW / EWF / WGI qualifications, are approved by the related Bodies. For more information regarding the current ACCESS CONDITIONS, please click HERE


Application for examination

To participate in the exam of Engineering or Welding Technology, required completing informative letter/form and send this to the Welding Greek Institute (WGI).

For more information regardin Examinations Application, please click HERE


Supporting documents for Participation in Examinations

Participation in the exam for obtaining a diploma of Welding Engineer or Welding Technologist (IWE or IWT), requires the submission of certain documents in the Welding Greek Institute (WGI) in order to complete the dossier of each examinees in accordance with the conditions of approval procedures by Welding Greek Institute (WGI).

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Examinations fees - IWE candidates

The Welding Greek Institute is a nonprofit Organisation, and the basics of revenue resulting from the participation of candidates in the exam and the membership fees of this.

For all training Programs announced after the 01 October 2016, the Examination Fees are modified, and no additional charges are applied for candidates which asking for two (2) consequential re-examinations. Maximum number of Examinations for each module, without additional charging: three (3).

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Implementation of Written & Oral Exam

The examinations carried out under specific conditions, which are part of the Management System approved by Welding Greek Institute (WGI) and IIW / EWF IAB Committees.

For written exams, candidates has to respect the following Examination Safety issues:

  • MOBILE PHONES AND OTHER MOBILE EQUIPMENT are not allowed. Invigilators should ensure that all participants should left all mobile equipment out of the examination venue place. Invigilators are allowed to execute personal checks in order to avoid any inconvenience.
  • HACKING or PENETRATION Practices by participants themselves or related persons, against Examination Data Base and related Examination Applications safety, are also expressly prohibited.
  • Participants which will try to avoid such restrictions regarding MOBILE PHONES AND OTHER EQUIPMENT use or HACKING / PENETRATION methods, under the WGI Chief Executive decision, will have a penalty from 1 to 2 years exclusion from the Examination Venue, and maybe subject to criminal prosecution.

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Authorized Examination Centers:



HALL “Panagiotis Dimitrakelos”

Trapezountos & Digeni Akrita str.



TEI KOZANIS, Department of Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Design

HALL No: 3104