Quality Policy & Management Systems

Impartiality Information and Data Safety Policy of Welding Institute


The Welding Greek Institute, the Management and Staff, understanding the importance and value of personnel certification declare unequivocally their commitment to objective, reliable, independent and impartial certification services.

The Welding Greek Institute has arranged for taking clear and constantly assessed measures to ensure impartiality and avoid development of additional threats to it.

All personnel involved in the certification process consists of experienced and adequately trained personnel, the adequacy of which is evaluated at regular intervals to ensure continuously that the requirements for the proper functioning of the certification process, satisfied.

The Welding Greek Institute for any reason, does not allow the certification process to become easier or cheaper than has initially fixed, affected by external or internal factors. Given that the Welding Greek Institute is a Non Profit Organization, maintains the ability to shape political values in vulnerable groups with low incomes, and support wherever possible the young unemployed.

The administration and especially the Governing Board and the Legal Representative of the Institute, the staff of Welding Greek Institute, the Examiners, the Supervisors of examinations, the members of Boards of Certification Committee and everyone involved with the process of recognition and certification, committed to compliance with this policy and the continuous improvement of services for the benefit of society and the market.

The Company's management determines and assigns the Certification Managers the required jurisdiction and freedom of maneuver, so they are at any time able to solve problems related to the impartiality of the procedures regarding the certification personnel. Meanwhile, Company's management proposes any corrective actions, and confirms that corrective actions and finally evaluate the results thereof.



The Welding Greek Institute understanding the importance of data and information handled therein as a result of the procedures and requirements of certification services provides adopts this policy Information and Data Security.

The company's management ranks the protection of confidentiality, impartiality, integrity, availability and exchange of information as economically significant information, personal information of clients, examination papers and results, records of bodies stored in databases as primary goal for the smooth and efficient operations and customers satisfaction.

The main objectives of Information and Data Security Policy are:

  • the full satisfaction of customers
  • the compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements
  • the Information security
  • ensuring the security of the examination material, taking into account the following:
  1. the locations of the materials (e.g. transportation, electronic delivery, disposal, storage, Examination Centre)
  2. the nature of the materials (e.g. electronic, paper, test equipment)
  3. the steps in the examination process (e.g. development, administration, results reporting)
  4. ther treats arising from repeated use of examination materials

The Company's management determines and assigns to the IT manager the required jurisdiction and maneuver so be able to address problems related to data and information security, to propose corrective activities to confirm that corrective actions and evaluate their results.

The Responsibility for surveillance monitoring of processes related to the impartiality issues, as well as Data Safety procedures, is undertake by the Executive Secretary of the Institute, who as legally representative the Institute, signs the Policy of Impartiality and Data safety, assisted by the Quality Manager or IT respectively.



«Professional training services», offered in the Greek market by the ATB’s, should satisfy the customer needs as well IAB rules and Directives PLUS Accreditation Bodies requirements.

The continuous monitoring of the Authorized Training Bodies (ATB’s) and the conduct of well documented and fair examinations, assures that the IAB rules and Directives are implemented.
Qualification of Personnel Services must be of excellent responsiveness and reliability, and independency must be guaranteed during all steeps of the Personnel Qualification process.
Certification Personnel services, related to appropriate professions, should performed according the International Standards and existing National or International legal framework, demonstrating Independency, Impartiality and Integrity towards the candidates to be certified.
Impartiality is the most important issue towards reliability of the Certification Services. The executive management of the Welding Greek Institute will provide all efforts and will take all appropriate measures in order to effectively manage eventually conflict of interest, and ensures the objectivity of its certification activities.
Integrity and Customers satisfaction, for all services provided, are the first priorities of WGI Management Bodies.
Reliability, Responsiveness and Empathy of all employees, including examiners, assessors and certification personnel, should be at the highest level of efficiency.
The resources involved in the process service should be at the highest standards and maximum reliability.
The quality assurance of every provided examination or certification service as well as monitoring of professional training services delivered to the customers by all authorized bodies, should be guaranteed by an effective WGI Quality Management System operation».