Specialist Welding Inspector


Specialist Welding Inspector:

The Market Needs - Purpose of Education:

The Welding Related Personnel are staff which is responsible for coordinating, monitoring, supervising, inspecting and performing welding activities.
The categories are as follow:
- Welding Coordination Personnel
- Welding Inspection Personnel
- Welders
The international framework for the certification of persons allows Welding Inspectors to be certified according to the requirements of standard ISO 14731. Also one of the keys to the certification of construction companies / organizations in accordance with ISO 3834, which is the adoption of the Welding Coordinators. Finally and in accordance with standards EN 1090-2 and ISO 3834-2: 2005 § 7 regarding the Welding Personnel, the manufacturer should have necessary and sufficient staff to design, planning, execution and supervision of production at welding activities.

Access conditions:

  • Technical Vocational Schools graduates
  • Diploma from a Higher Education Private College in relevant subject – minimum 3 years of study
  • Merchant Shipping Academies – Diploma of Mechanical School
  • Relevant Diploma from Highest Educational Institution
  • Qualification of the welding procedures Specifications
  • Document Reviews of the method and range of qualification, specifications and laboratory testing shall be considered.
  • Welding consumables
  • Identification of production and/or expiring dates
  • The storage and handling of welding consumables status
  • Identification and traceability
  • The identification of weld locations in construction
  • The identification of non-destructive testing procedures and personnel
  • Traceability of welder and welding operators to specific welds
  • Traceability of welding procedure specifications to specific welds
  • Inspection and testing during welding
  • Review of suitability and validity of welders' and welding operators' qualification certificates
  • Joint preparation overview (dimensions control, shape conditions)
  • Overview of suitability of working conditions for welding, including the environment
  • Visual inspection (for completeness of welding, weld dimensions, shape)
  • Review of non-destructive testing methods
  • Review of destructive testing methods
  • Quality Records completion of all activities required by specifications
  • Non-conformance and corrective actions after welding
  • Regarding to non-conformance and corrective actions, the necessary measures and actions (e.g. weld repairs, re-assessment of repaired welds, corrective actions) shall be considered.

The education structure:

The Welding Greek Institute (WGI) offers an innovative and specialized short-term training program, recognized and accredited by major Welding Institutes and accepted by the international market, the Specialist Welding Inspector.

The program will be implemented in blended learning (e-learning and in-class) or exclusively on e-learning. The instructors of the program are Phd Engineers, industry executives, Welding Inspectors and Engineers with extensive experience.

The training program follows the guideline IAB-041r3-08 for International Inspection Personnel - Basic Level without the Practical work module.

The duration is hours (calendar during three weeks).

Teaching is divided into two modules:

  1. Welding processes and equipment
  2. Materials and their behaviour during welding
  3. Construction and design
  4. Fabrication, applications engineering
  1. General introduction to welding inspection
  2. Mechanical tests on welded joint
  3. Weld Imperfections
  4. Testing methods
  5. Quality Assurance Principles and levels
  6. Management of inspection function

At the end of each module takes place two hour written examination

E-Exams (online) - Certification WSTAR
After passing the examination, candidates will be recognized as Qualified Specialist Welding Inspectors, absolutely fulfilling the requirements of the standards as stated in the purpose of education.

After 3 years work experience in connection with the subject or an existing service, the Qualified Specialist Welding Inspectors will have the opportunity be certified and participate in the Registry of the Welding Greek Institute for Certified Welding Inspectors with international recognition through Accreditation ISO 17024.

Members WGI:
Cost of training: 1100 EUR
Cost of exams:   200 EUR

Non-members WGI:
Cost of training: 1900 EUR
Cost of exams:   350 EUR